Fortinet Fortigate 60B Router Firewall VPN Antivirus mk1 zz 012 tng, € 149,- (1100 Wien)

How to Add VPN Unlimited to Trusted in Your Antivirus on Windows

Relationship of antivirus software with VPN

In our manual on how to install KeepSolid VPN Unlimited on Windows 10 we recommend you to disable your antivirus software, so that the installation process runs smoothly. Such a recommendation sometimes causes concerns among our customers like: I’m using antivirus to protect my computer, why should I ever disable it? Is the VPN app really secure, my antivirus gives out odd mistakes and doesn’t let me install it.

We can assure you there are no grounds for such worries, though antivirus and VPN relationships may indeed be complicated sometimes.

As mentioned, the conflict may appear during the installation or update process. For example, some of our users encountered such an error: you see a notification that an updated version is available and click Update. At some point during the update process, the below error pops up:

PGP offers firewall, VPN, antivirus in its e-ppliance

PGP Security, a division of Network Associates Inc., will announce on Thursday the release of the e-ppliance 1000, an integrated firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and antivirus hardware device capable of securing up to 1G bit/sec. of data.

The e-ppliance, which has been shipping unannounced since December but will be officially announced Thursday, offers a PGP Gauntlet firewall; antivirus software from McAfee, another division of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Network Associates; and an IPSec-compatible VPN that uses strong encryption and public-key infrastructure authentication. The device is generally placed between a company's router and its corporate network, but it can be installed elsewhere, depending on how the network is configured, the company said.

"The historical trade-off has been between performance and security," said Marvin Dickerson, the director of product management at PGP. But because the e-ppliance can handle so much traffic, it's able to maintain security while also ensuring high levels of network performance, he said.

Built around four Sun Microsystems Inc. UltraSPARC-II processors running at 400 MHz each, the e-ppliance 1000 boasts 4GB of RAM, two 18.1GB UltraWide SCSI hard drives and four 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports. It's about 10.5 in. tall. PGP builds other e-ppliance devices around different specifications, but the 1000 is the top of the line.

Because the e-ppliance is a combination of reliable hardware and software and operates at such high speeds, "the device will not be a bottleneck," Dickerson said. Users are averaging about 500M bit/sec. of throughput and handling as many as 975,000 concurrent connections, he said.

PGP is aiming the e-ppliance 1000 at large enterprises, financial services companies, content providers, government agencies, telecommunications firms, Internet service providers and more, Dickerson said. The device will appeal to such companies not only because of its quality, but also because it's an integrated product that will require only one point of contact for support and it will decrease total cost of ownership for security, he said.

The device is configurable through any Web browser using the included GlobalEnterprise Management System, which can also allow for management of multiple devices from a single console, PGP said in its statement. The e-ppliance also allows administrators to filter traffic based on protocol, application or other rules, the company said.

The e-ppliance 1000 costs $148,000 and is shipping now.

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Fortinet Fortigate 60B Router Firewall VPN Antivirus mk1 zz 012 tng, € 149,- (1100 Wien)

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